Car Registration

Vehicle Registration in Pennsylvania

You are expected to register your vehicle as soon as possible if you have purchased your vehicle through a dealership then they will perform all necessary registration tasks, but if you have just bought or been gifted a car any other way, or become an official resident. Visit Pennsylvania DVS website for a list of all DVS offices and their phone numbers.

Renewing your Pennsylvania Vehicle Registration

In the state of Pennsylvania you have the option of renewing in person, online or via mail.

Some drivers of Pennsylvania allow renewing their registration online provided that they meet the certain state requirements.  Make sure to have on hand an emissions inspection certificate (if applicable), license plate number, title number, insurance card and a credit or debit card for the renewal fees in order to register online.

Visit Pennsylvania DVS website to renew your registration in person for a list of DVS offices in the state of Pennsylvania. You will also be required to present payment for the required fees, an emissions inspection certificate (if applicable) renewal notice and proof of insurance.

You are only eligible to renew by mail if you’re out of state or can’t make it into an office. To renew by mail, follow the instructions given on your renewal notice. Be sure to enclose a check or money order for required fees and mail everything to the address listed on the renewal notice.

Replacing Your Pennsylvania Car Registration

You can apply for a duplicate Pennsylvania car registration in person at any DVS office or by mail.
To replace your registration, you will need to provide your title number, vehicle’s VIN number, license plate number, and finally the owner’s, and if applicable, co-owner’s, information

Changing Your Address

In Pennsylvania, changing the address on your vehicle’s registration can be done either online or by mail.


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